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Size & Fitting Guide

Every room can be transformed with a rug. The color, pattern and texture of a good quality rug, with a high standard of craftsmanship can introduce a sense of luxury, comfort and personality.

Don’t be afraid of color or pattern. Most importantly, find a rug that you love, because unlike cushions, curtains or a sofa, your 100% high quality wool rug should last for a life time.

Before you set out in search of your forever rug, you should first decide on its purpose. Do you want it to make a real statement and draw attention, or do you want a more neutral design which blends seamlessly into the space, giving an overall feeling of tranquility? Do you want it to pull a room together, or to define your space? If you want to break up a room into different areas, a number of smaller rugs can do so beautifully.





It's important to know that a larger rug will always give a more generous, and calming effect to the room. It’s great to be able to place furniture such as the sofa, half on a rug, to give a wonderfully luxurious and flowing feel to the space.


Another stunning scenario is a smaller rug that sits within the furniture, in front of sofas and chairs. In this case, the rug should be slightly longer and wider than the furniture, and not too far from the seating.


If you want to unify a room, a large rug is the way to go, even if it isn’t huge it will do the job. Just be sure to leave enough space around each piece of furniture so it doesn't look like it's ‘perched’ on the edge of the rug. Additional furnishings, such as sideboards and cupboards, should be left off the rug.



For a bedroom, your rug is best placed underneath the bed, framing it but stopping short of the side tables. Alternatively, you could have a smaller one on either side of the bed. Whichever you choose, you’ll have the cozy feeling of stepping out of bed and onto the rug.



Often left uncarpeted and forgotten, rugs can do wonders to a hallway. The right size runner helps the hallway perform its function – to connect between the spaces, giving the whole house a more flowing feeling. Is it often best to order a custom runner to ensure the smooth flow between the spaces, rather than closing the hallway and making it a space of its own.

Although we do carry some runners in stock, and are happy to try and match one of these to your hallway, we will also be happy to create a rug that suits your exact dimensions.



The ideal dining room rug would be sized in proportion to your dining room table and will allow enough space around it to pull out a chair and sit down without the back legs of the chair sitting on the floor. That means the rug needs to be at least 150 cm (59") larger than the table – allowing 75cm (29”) on either side.

When choosing a design, it is important to remember that in a dinning room most of the rug will be situated under the table, so what you're really looking for is a beautiful boarder that will add color and texture to the room.