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Care & Cleaning

'The best way to care for your rug is to shake out the dust, dip it in the river, and throw it over a shrub to dry in the sun'

Berber artisan of the Atlas Mountains

Most of us don't have a fresh water spring next to our home, nevertheless, we do have other great and possibly better ways to clean and care for our rugs. Do it right and your rug will last for your lifetime and generations to come.





  • The longer the dirt remains in the rug the more damage it is doing. As a matter of fact, the damage increases exponentially as the fibers are shredded by the dirt.
  • For the first few months after purchase it is highly recommended to vacuum your rug once a week.
  • Do not use a vacuum cleaner with a revolving brush - revolving brush vacuum cleaners will spank and damage the wool.
  • Use a canister vacuum only, vacuuming from side to side (not end-to-end) with the beater bear set high. This can be equally if not more effective than shaking out a rug.

  • Never pull on a thread that is sticking out. Simply cut it off so it is flush with the others
  • Ensure your carpet wears evenly by changing its orientation 2 or 3 times a year
  • Let your carpet get some sun - the Berber recommend exposing the rugs to sunlight every few weeks
  • Have your carpet expertly cleaned every few years
  • To store carpets until the following season, roll them up when they are clean and fully dry, ensuring there are no wrinkles, and store them in a clean, dry place.
  •  Wool is a self-extinguishing natural fiber. It cannot burn or spread fire.



  • In cases where your carpet has been stained it is important to act fast to prevent impregnation of the fabric or design.
  • To avoid propagating the stain always clean from the external border working your way in.
  • Do not rub at the wool, rather press gently
  • Always dry horizontally on a towel


Instructions for cleaning specific stains

  • For stains caused by solid substances or dust - carefully shake and brush to remove as much dirt as possible (for specific instructions see below)
  • For stains caused by liquid substances - immediately absorb excess liquid using a paper towel (for specific instructions see below)


Mud/General Mud

Use - Ammonia(1 part)  + Warm water(3 part)

How to Use -

1. Allow the stain to dry

2. Dry brush and vacuum

3. Apply the solution with a sponge or a damp cloth

4. Clean with a clean cloth

5. Dry with kitchen towel or a clean white cloth, or vacuum


Coffee/Wine/Chocolate/Food in general/Blood/Urine faces

Use - Natural detergent + Vinegar + Warm water

How to Use -

1. Absorb residue with kitchen towel or a cloth, and vacuum

2. Apply the solution with a damp sponge and rub

3. Rinse with warm water and damp white cloth

4. Dry with kitchen towel or a clean white cloth, or vacuum



WOOL MERCHANTS do not recommend having your carpets and rugs dry cleaned too often.
If necessary, visit a specialized cleaner and discuss the available cleaning options so that you can come to an agreement that will yield the very best results without adverse effects.


Cleaning methods

        • Injection extraction - air drying and without additional heat
        • Mechanical cleaning - with dry foam
        • Wash in water using a carpet brushing machine
        • Dry cleaning with perchloroethylene in a closed-circuit machine