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Security And Privacy

  1. The Site appreciates and respects your privacy and has therefore drawn up this privacy policy. Please take into consideration that the Site may reveal your private information to third parties as part of the services offered on the Site ("Services"), and/or as part of compliance with local laws, should it be required to do so. 
  2. The Site may retain personal identifying data provided by you, including your full name, address, telephone number, cellphone number, e-mail address, as well as other information provided to the Site during your registration to the service, such as your IP address; and including information which will be provided by third parties through which a User may register to the Site (e.g. social networks, e-mail services providers etc.), for example - your public profile information. The Site uses this information to provide the Services to Registered Users and may use said information to improve the Services and to develop additional features.
  3. The Site may retain non-identifying personal data, which may be used for providing the Services, such as your approximate geographic position, the version of your operating system, as well as other information which does not identify you personally and that is provided during the use of the Services.
  4. The Site may contact you from time to time with various mailings and offers; however, you may announce your refusal to receive further information at any time. 
  5. Except for Wool Merchants employees and service providers, who are under an explicit obligation to maintain confidentiality, the Site may share your information with other Registered Users to whom you are connected through the Services. Moreover, should the Site be required to provide information by any competent law enforcement authority, it will do so subject to a judicial order or any other legal directive.
  6. The Site may use third party Services in order to provide the Services, including online payment services. The Site recommends that you read the terms of use and the privacy policies of those third parties as well. Your details will be not submitted to such service providers without your consent.  
  7. The Site uses professional security services in order to safeguard the collected information. Such services include periodical checks and backups. Nevertheless, the Site is not responsible for any security faults that may be caused and are beyond its control.
  8. You may request to peruse the information collected about you through e-mail, by pressing the "Contact us" button found at the top of each page on the Site.
  9. You may send a request to Wool Merchants to close your account at any time, by pressing the "Contact " button found at the top of each page on the Site.