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Quality Standards

We travel to the Moroccan mid and high Atlas Mountains, to tribes located off the beaten track, to bring you the very best rugs, both in terms of quality and style.

Seeking out such unique pieces takes time and effort. It's challenging work requiring expertise and in-depth knowledge of a highly specialised field.

Our team of professionals have the expertise required and take great pride in the products they deliver.


Characteristics examined when inspecting a rug

  • Quality of the wool - we only use 100% high quality lamb’s wool
  • Rug-making process - all our rugs are made using traditional processes, from start to finish
  • Weave - all our rugs are either hand knotted, hand woven, or a combination of the two
  • Dye - all dyes used in the making of our rugs come from vegetables or spice extracts. Brown and black colouring comes from the natural wool colour
  • Look and style - Vintage rugs must be very well preserved
  • Authenticity - on the rare occasions that we source an antique or vintage rug, we make sure it has aged naturally and not using chemicals.