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Meet The Founder



“Coming from the world of tea, I am no stranger to the idea of sourcing quality goods from far off, exotic lands. I have owned a tea factory and would travel the world, in particular the Far East, to source different grades of teas for blending, packing and selling to hotels, restaurants and cafes.


After more than a decade, I decided to pursue new challenges and seek out new horizons. I sold my factory and set off to explore cultures and people in ‘off-the-grid’ locations. Trekking the Atlas Mountains of Morocco, I discovered - and fell in love with - the art of rug making, and in particular with the quality and raw bohemian-chic beauty of the handmade Berber rugs. I quickly understood that these are the people, and the art I want to work with.


Since that first visit in March 2016, I have travelled across Morocco, learning the art of weaving, understanding the different qualities of wool, and getting to know the various weaving techniques and how they differ between the tribes.


I have gathered a team of like-minded locals, some of whom have years of experience, and together we are the Wool Merchants. What makes us stand out is that we truly understand the unique heritage and significance of traditional rug artisanship. We use our professional judgment and expert eye to source unique, high-quality rugs, as well as employing weavers who continue to craft the rugs entirely by hand, using techniques passed down through the generations.


Each piece is handmade and unique. The wool we work with is naturally luxurious, and is handled with such reverence that it loses none of its extraordinary properties during the making of the rug.


We also understand the importance of excellent service and will go to great lengths to guide you through the rug buying process, helping you find the perfect piece for your home or workplace. Our sales team not only have an expert understanding of the rugs themselves, but also how to use and place them to showcase their beauty and advantages.


We are passionate about quality and design, we love what we do, and we would love to inspire you; so, you can fall in love with a rug too."