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About Us

We are the Wool Merchants, the result of a collaborative effort of many people: the spinners and weavers of the Atlas Mountains, our team of Berber rug experts based in Morocco, all the way to the people who provide sales and after-sales services directly to you, the customer. The diverse and individual contribution made by each person in this chain ensures that you receive a high-quality hand-knotted rug that will last for generations.


Sourcing interesting, exceptional pieces requires travel, an addiction to collecting and the ability to spot the extraordinary. We understand the importance of raw materials, and we know that a rug is as good as the fiber it is woven from. That’s why in the manufacturing process we use only wool that comes from high and middle altitudes of the Atlas Mountains. In the three to four-month-long process of making each of our rugs, the Berber ladies use the very same craft that was used a hundred years ago, makings rugs of the highest quality, different to the ones found in the souks, medinas and villages of Morocco.


The Wool Merchants was founded with the goal of sourcing and producing Berber rugs made with high quality wool and exceptional craftsmanship – that is our promise, one that we proudly deliver.